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Never has a beverage been as synonymous with its land of origin as Tequila has been to Mexico. An elixir surrounded by myth and tradition, the nectar of the agave plant is a national treasure that has been long sought after and yet to be perfected. Until now…


Here at El Afan we understand what good old fashioned authentic tequila is all about. Our ultra premium, handcrafted product is 100% blue agave and only 100% blue agave. Our crops are carefully selected and only harvested at their peak of quality and ripeness. Headquartered in El Paso TX and master distilled in El Salto, Jalisco Mexico… the mineral rich red soils, sub-tropical climate and high elevation of the highlands all come together in the making of this fine spirit. The vast tradition and history of the area has truly inspired us to craft a distinct, superior tequila for all to experience. Whether it be our pure Blanco, toasted Reposado or our aged to perfection Anejo, they are each perfect for any occasion.


So indulge in your favorite El Afan Tequila anyway you desire: neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail so long as you do so responsibly. Our meticulous attention to detail, purity and smooth flavor are noticeable almost immediately once it hits your palate. We’ve developed a recipe we are proud to put our name on and wish for nothing more than to share this with you.


We hope you enjoy our tequila as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.


Tu deseo. Indulge your desire.



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